My new kitchen – Part I

Everyone who knows me is aware of the fact that there is only one thing I love more than my kitchen and that is spending my spare time in it. As you may have read it on my Facebook page, I have started to renew my kitchen recently. I have been saving money for this project for over a year and a couple of weeks ago my savings have reached the amount I had set as a target. I didn’t want to waste any time: I got the money, the plans have long been ready, and it was time to jump in this amazing project.

I don’t want to write about the whole story in one post as that would be too long. I might just split it up into different parts and post them separately.

Today I want to go into details with one specific thing: my new gas range!

Certainly, the reason why I love spending time in my kitchen is coz I love cooking. If you know how to cook and you actually do cook on a regular basis then I don’t need to explain to you how important the range is: whether it is electric or gas, how many stoves there are on it etc.

My previous range was a gas one. I have used both gas and electric ranges in the past, too. I prefer gas ranges without any doubt so, I didn’t think about which version to go for when I would have the necessary funds.

Basically, when making my saving plan about a year ago I had to set define how much I would spend on the new gas range. So, I went online and started looking for brands, models and of course prices.

I found this site called Pick My Gas Range where they review gas ranges of various manufacturers in different price ranges. I found their review to be really helpful. If you’re in the phase of looking for a new gas range I would highly recommend you to check out their site.

Finally, I decided to go for one of the GE gas ranges, which costs a little less than 2000 dollars. I have read great reviews about it so, I didn’t think too much about it.

Anyway, wish me good luck with the new device please.

Take care!